Mind-fucked by Sierra #SOSS #MasturbationMonday

My last exam is over!!!! I’m dead tired and horny as hell. I haven’t had sex in a week and my hormones are raging. As much as it scares me, Sierra is my go-to person these days when I need some good sex. I never know what she does, she loves mind-fuck games, but is amazing in bed. Only her brother scares me more than she does.

I text Sierra; she gets back to me immediately. Although she is still in her exam, she has no hesitation texting, or pretty much doing whatever she wants. I’m not even sure why she is taking courses. She seems to have plenty of money to last a lifetime.

Good. She is meeting me at my place and is more than happy to fuck the hell out of me. That’s just what I need. I can barely wait.

I get to my apartment first, she can’t be far behind. I throw off my clothes, and pull out some toys to start playing. Knowing Sierra, if I don’t get a bit more extreme, she will do it for me. Being fucked by Sierra is not gentle or cozy, there is little deduction when she’s with me. It’s crude, rough, almost abusive, and she eventually wears me down. Only then will she let me come.

If I come without her, she’ll get mad, but staying awake is equally cruel. I haven’t gotten much sleep over the past five days and closing my eyes for just a few minutes is just all too tempting. Then there is a knock on the door. I can hear it open, which is weird since I had locked the bolt from the inside. I always do. Shit, I’m getting really tired. Maybe I forgot. “Who’s there?”

Sierra doesn’t come alone. For a really good fuck, she brought her brother. He’s a bit nuts, but I’ll give anything for a big cock right about now. The two of them can be dangerous. I’ve had some outings where I was worried about permanent damage and the threat of body modifications was always hanging over me.

Sierra is hard to understand, she seems to be gesturing something to her brother and before I know it, the two carry me onto the couch in the living room.

“Francesca, you’re almost asleep, my dear. I’m so sorry. I brought my brother along to have some three way fun, but if you’re going to fall asleep on us, then that’s not going to make him happy. ” She slaps me in the face. “Hey, wake up, or I’ll ask Antonio to give you one of his little injections.” No, please not one of those. Antonio’s specialty was medical torture. He loved to give his victims injections that kept them from passing out while amplifying the pain they experienced. I experienced it once, that was more than enough.

“Good girl, just stay awake and let us do the rest.” I can see Sierra going to my closet where I keep my toys. Apparently, what I put together was not enough. Antonio is playing with my enormous tits in the meantime. He’s gentler than normal, probably because I look like a beached whale with my baby bump. Gone is the slender figure I had the last time we met a few months ago.

“Here we go. I found just the right toy for you.” She holds up my bondage belt with the attached inflatable vaginal and anal dildos. ‘Oh no, please don’t do that to me’ is all I can think. I don’t even know how that works when I’m pregnant.

Sierra is a lot rougher with me than Antonio. “Sweety, wake up!” Shit, I am dozing off again. “Listen, Antonio has to leave soon and I can’t stay either. I thought we’d have a quickie and then you get some rest. It doesn’t look like you’re up for it. ‘Sure I am, just go ahead, let Antonio pound his dick into me. I really don’t care what he does to me, I just need to come so badly.

Antonio is going to his briefcase, the one with all his medical torture devices. Not a good sign for me, but I don’t have the energy to complain. He can have his fun, as long as I finally get fucked! He comes back with just a small tube, I’m a bit confused.

“You know, Francesca, I’m still pretty ticked off that you’ve posted stories about me on your blog. That wasn’t cool. But it’s good to know what you think of me. Being a bit scared, thinking that I’m a bit crazy, that’s just the way I like it.” Shit, what the fuck is he doing now? He puts his blue disposable latex gloves on. Never a good sign.

“I’m just going to drip a bit of modified superglue on each of the dildos, just enough to help as I shove them up your tight little fucking ass, and your dirty dripping cunt. And then, I’ll be pumping up each of them until you scream and beg me to stop.” Hell, no! And what the fuck do you mean by ‘modified’ superglue? Sierra seems to be reading my mind.

“Honey, this may come as a surprise to you, but you’re not going to get fucked today. Actually, probably not for a while. Antonio’s superglue works just like any other medical glue. It dries, bonds skin, and over the course of a week or so breaks down and disappears. The only modification is that it takes longer to bond; maybe 30 minutes instead of the few seconds with regular super glue. But once it’s set, there is no removing it.”

And what the fuck is your plan? I thought you’d be coming over to finally give me some release after I’ve been working so hard to get ready for my finals these last couple of days. “Don’t worry, Francesca, this is a very simple game, and you’ll like it.” I can see Antonio slightly inflating the bulbs and covering them in his glue. Shit, they already look awfully big. Please don’t try to shove them into me!

“Here comes number one, or maybe I should say #2.” Antonio has a grin on his face. His fingers stretch my ass as far as they can and he places the rear dildo, already well-inflated, against my backdoor. He pushes and pushes. The more I try to keep the dildo from entering my rear, the harder he pushes. The second I relaxed, more of it disappears inside me. It’s not long before the entire dildo is buried inside my ass and Antonio gleefully begins to pump the dildo up even further. I feel like I’m bursting.

“Now let’s do the same with your cunt, ready?” This was not a serious question. NOO! But this isn’t a battle I can win. I can barely keep my eyes, open, and just the thought of feeling something, anything, being stuffed inside me makes me almost come.

“Good girl. I figure you have about 20 minutes left before the bonding is finished. Sierra and I are going to leave you now. What happens from here on is your call. You can either try to come with these babies, pardon the pun, in you and get try to remove them before it’s too late….”


“…or you can give up, go to sleep, and wake up with the certain knowledge that you’re going to be walking around for the next week with enormous dildos deep inside you. I know that you can come easily and you actually like them. Just this time, you won’t be able to remove them. At least not for a few days.”

Then I hear the doorbell ring. Shit, how long did I sleep? “I’ll be right there!” I run to the door and realize that it all must have been just a dream. All the toys are still where I had put them, no dildos between my legs. What a big relief, except I was dripping wet from the dream. I open the door in my bathrobe. There is nobody, just an envelope with my name on it. I open it, still standing in the hallway, and pull out a glossy dark black & white print.

With one hand on my pussy, the other holding the picture, I forget what’s reality and what is just the fading memory of a dream. I don’t care, the picture it hot. Hot enough to make me come before I make it back into my apartment. On the way in, I stumble over several days worth of newspapers.

Masturbation Monday


  1. Oh, Francesca, another incredible very believable breath-taking experience I enjoy as I enter your story and your experience!!!

    • Thanks, Kayla, that was pretty much how I felt after I woke up from my first nap after my exams were all done. Sure, I was awake, but my mind was still processing the space around me in a dream-like state.

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